Dream for Fortune! (Short motivational multivitamin).

As written by George Saint Chukz.


Dream is never what’s available, it’s what’s desired to be available.


Dreams are constructive imaginary visions of a secured today and the future.

Dream is being in the un-been – mind-aspiration for better destiny.

Fortune lies bounteousness of wealth. The dream of fortune being the inward aspiration for wealth.

When one dreams there’s this desire to have what’s yet to be available at one’s disposal. This mere dream may never be actualized until work part of the inspiration actively takes place.

Dream, like investment opportunity without determination and acquirement capability and passion for actualisation often has futility as a resultant effect. This is because, dream can never self-materialize without adventure – instinctive drive-action.

It’s factual that almost everyone dreams, but it’s not everyone who dreams that’s fortunate – wealthy. This is because “Dream of fortune” is oppositely different from “Dream for fortune”. The former is mere bedroom imaginary desire and the latter involves after-thought, determination and quest for dream actualization. – George Saint Chukz.

Dream for fortune therefore draws practical effect out of a sharp formula – Dream of fortune (DoF) + Action (A) = Fortune from Dream for Fortune (F). Representation as; (DoF + A = F).
Fortune from Dream (F) is the wealth dreamed for in its actualised sense. That is the achievement of fortune dreamt for. It represents dream and action, that’s vision and work, and then the result – fortune.

For the desired fortune to be available dream must move towards the next step to fortune which is one’s action to acquire fortune. Action happens outside of one’s dream point – bedroom.

Action to acquire wealth accommodates knowledge gathering, apprenticeship, trials and errors formation and steady thrive for desired fortune. All built by instinctive oceans of untiring determination for accumulation of wealth.

Literarily, The Richest Man in Babylon, Arkad, knew his dream to be wealthy. He never stopped at dreaming, he stepped up towards his desire, acting strategically for wealth. He was determined to amass wealth, and he eventually became wealthy through determination and hard work. Little startle he was envied by friends and foes within and outside the ancient luxury city of Babylon, including his younger days friends, Kobbi and Bansir, who out of curiosity determinedly besought him for knowledge gathering on fortune making. By so doing they exhibited an active step (action) towards wealthiness.

This intelligent course of action led to their exposition to the discovery of wealth.
Such action among others is applicable in all quest for fortune.

If you desire wealth, you must always wake up from mere dreams of wealthiness and drive towards knowledge gathering, untiring determination and strive for desired results – wealth accumulation. – George Saint Chukz.

No man has ever ruled or built an empire by mere dreams.

The Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Roman ruler Julius Caesar, Muhammad the leader of the Ummah and other iconic figures imprinted their names in history books through their determined quests in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. They exhibited one thing in common – action of fervency.

It’s safe to dream big but never safe to always dream without actions. ~ George Saint Chukz.

Wealthy people that have ever lived identified one thing “Power to make Wealth” which involves more actions than dreams.


Power to make Wealth


  • Save – Pay yourself for keep, and nurture the savings until they are ready to be wisely invested.
  • Acquire investment skills – Know what you intend to invest. The line of investment must be familiar with your knowledge, or you move to acquire needed investment knowledge from successful person in that capacity.
  • Invest wisely – Start with the business you know. Know your investment.
  • Save and reinvest – When your investment starts yielding, save your incomes and reinvest them intelligently.
  • Expand and employ – More successful investments need competent hands, as in employment. Get more credible hands to help run your expanding investments.
  • Insure your investment – There are surely risks in investment. “Ensure you Insure” your investments as they grow, with a reputable Insurance Company.
  • Acquire more investments – Invest in dying businesses. Rebuild them and expand them wisely.
  • Incur lesser debt – Ensure that what is coming in (INCOME) is greater than what is flowing out (EXPENSE).
  • Build Empire – Teach your family how to make wealth. So that wealth will not move out of your family.


Dream for wealth is powerful.

Dream for more. Act!

The world is happily reserved for those who make something out of nothing. ~ George Saint Chukz.




Written by George Saint Chukz
Facebook: George Saint Chukz
Twitter: @George_Chukz
Instagram: @George_Chukz

Email George Saint Chukz on: cdonz4life@yahoo.com


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