As written by George Saint Chukz.


Jane could’ve chosen to hurt Chukz, perhaps, pull out her gun from her bag (she’s legally covered as a cop) and pull the trigger at Chukz or at the lady that rode pleasurably on top of him on their (soon-to-be) matrimonial bed after forth-coming month’s wedding. But she was wise and disciplined enough as an ex Ranger. She calmly stared at them in disgust and disappointment, then walked out on them and drove to her favorite spot in the downtown where she met Chukz eight months earlier.



She cooled off her head and was ready to hear Chukz’s long sobering story_ how he was seduced to have sex with his ex lover whom he claimed to have parted ways with.

Jane forgave Chukz, even at his greatest startle. She never complained, nagged nor uttered a single word on the saddest scenario that had an effect on her Intelligence gathering job with the State Security Service. Jane was Smart indeed. She gradually rejigged and moved on. She never let the hurt wreak who she was _ a strong, agile and lovely pretty young lady in her early thirties.

The wedding, having being moved four months up, gave Jane the world of innocence to show Chukz much tender Love, much more than he has ever experienced in his entire romance life with other ladies.

Chukz was convinced that the scandalous unfaithful act of his was forgotten. He had contrition and vowed never to
hurt Jane again. He kept to his promise to return home by 5pm ( much earlier than Jane) to prepare dinner and do other relevant chores before she returned.
He’d present dinner, make warm bath and soak with her until it got intense between them and pleasurably lead them under the sheets for hours of passionate beep.

It became a tradition for each love-advancing day. The sexual infidelity was obviously forgotten and all arrangements for the wedding was on top gear again.

Three months and few weeks down the line, Chukz returned from his Cement supply trip, parked in the garage, alighted from his Hilux 2015 model fancy truck (birthday gift from his fiancée) and met a strange tinted-glass Toyota Camry 2016 model parked behind his fiancée’s Prado Jeep. One thing was certain to him; his love was at home. But then, the Camry remained a stranger to the compound. He looked at the car and couldn’t see the inside. He sensed it’d belong to a cop as well. His sweetheart must have gotten home with one of her colleagues at work. Perhaps for meeting not meant for the office he had thought.
He went back to his truck, brought out the Pizzas he bought for both of them and headed straight into the house.
He opened the main entrance door and saw a rather fascinating materials glaring at his perplexed face. “what could his fiancé’s lingeries be doing at this awkward point, with a strange Camry at the parking lot” he soliloquised.

Out of much thoughts which produced no sensible answers to him, he hurried to their bedroom.

Without knocking or calling out on Jane, he opened the door.

Lo and behold! His wife (come two weeks) was in horse pose, being ridden by a muscular dark dude with a shinny low haircut.

Chukz was dead, not because he was faced with horrible intense sexual moans from his sweetheart, but he could not have believed Jane asked him “you care to join Chukz?”


He knew it was premeditated, perhaps, to hurt him.

He left the room the way he met it for his car.

He banged the main entrance door and rushed to his Hilux, only to be halted by two fierce-looking guys who handed him a note.

It read…

Court injunction!

“Mr George Saint Chukz, you are herewith ordered to relinquish all properties in your possession registered to Sergeant Jane Morris.
You are hereby restricted by 100 metres away from the named Sergeant Morris”.


“Oh hell!” Chukz screamed!

It was then it dawned on him that he met Sergeant Jane at the spot where he worked as a Bartender.
She fell in love; what she hadn’t been able to do after the demise of her newly wedded late husband (former Ranger) who was shot on duty.

Jane built Chukz, created a life out of him, in return for the Love he showered her, not until his disheartening infidelity.

Chukz left broken and shattered. He had to start his life all over again.


Four months later, Jane married the dark dude, and they lived happily ever after.

Jane was Smart!


As written by – George Saint Chukz
Twitter: @George_Chukz
Instagram: @George_Chukz
Facebook: George Saint Chukz


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