Before going to NYSC Camp. What You Need To Know.

As written by George Saint Chukz.

Congratulations to potential corps members. Nigeria call, obey.

Having been on the field; seen and conquered NYSC, it’s pertinent to relate to potential corps members what’s to face them pre and post camp.

Quick Rundown on what’s to be expected before and after Camping activities.
Concerning your documents; please have just four (4) duplicates (each) of all your required documents, to be on safer side.

No more plenty photocopies, NYSC now have ICT-enabled documentation strategy. The things you need to photocopy would be required in camp and you can do that with related cash on camp, no need spending more on unnecessary photocopies.
Your passport shouldn’t be more than eight (8), you’re not coming for Passport to Germany. It’s just NYSC.
Concerning feeding in camp; I’ll advice you come with your 5k (lowest) and more, if affordable. Pour your groundnuts, Garri, Chocolate, milk and sugar into  safe leather. To save space and avoid doing so on screening ground at gate entrance.

Come with at least 3 shorts, 3 T-shirts and 1 canvass. NYSC might give you what’s below or above your size, and under-quality. They’re mass-produced – your size isn’t captured exactly.

Please, for those going to manage little cash, because of their family background. I’ll advice you to spend less in camp, outside camp is more challenging than inside.

Economise sensibly in camp, don’t mind the trendy Niggas and Baes, they might be under someone’s Bank Alert. Eat camp food and augment it with little from camp restaurant food (mami).

Please ensure you ask questions before filling any documents in camp. Always ask the officials on duty “what next sir/ma, so, you don’t end up starting from Z and going to A. Be articulated.

Talk about relationship in camp. My dear, I’m not a Pastor, I had my fair share, but, kindly take leap when it’s necessary, don’t pressure yourself because your mates are doing same. Instead just admire them and save the stress of spending and gaining nothing. During my time, I did some rigmarole and climbed without paying “School fees”. (Lwkmd). Pun intended anyways.
That’s by the way.


Please always ensure you contribute to your Platoon activities; try assuming leadership roles, be smart and speak after everyone has spoken; that gives you edge and makes you appear decent for roles in camp, and even post-camp.

My dear: your health is wealth, buy your disinfectant (like family size) to keep you off unhealthy contacts and infected untidy restrooms.

Always use your alarm, if you’re in OBS, quarter guard, and other camp positions; wake by 3am. If you are just normal member, wake by 4am, bathe and rest till “whistle time”.

Concerning the first paid allowee, please don’t joke with it. That 19,800 Naira is expected to serve you until next payment – ending of the next month. Do the maths. Be very careful and calculative please.

Talking of friends; just have talk-mates and smart pals. Don’t heap your trust on anyone.
Respect Military officials and camp officials. Don’t joke with instructions. Remember, it’s always “Obey before complain”.

Don’t join the camp antagonists, unless you want to come back to NYSC next year. Please!


People’s  Culture are their heritage (no matter how awful) respect people and their culture. You’re a serviceman and not a professor on cultural research.

Always appreciate people’s action and indirectly scold what’s needed to be criticised. Don’t be directly confrontational. People respect and as well envy corps members. You might be targeted if you form “over-sabi”.

Go to camp with more clothes, in case you’re posted away from your home area.

Just ensure your properties fit into 2 sizable luggage – the ones you can carry and secure.
Key is important, guymen and women are around to tap from your bounteousness, if you are careless.

Go with mosquito net, clothes pegs, and hangers (few).
Power bank is great to have, torch and Internet gadgets. Don’t be scared, go with your PC (laptop, etc) and drop it with your Platoon leader(s) or just place it inside your bag (locked) until you get off camp.

Google how to speak fluently and write, to present yourself intelligent. You can as well read how to improve on your English here, on the blog.

NYSC is another great opportunity to present your personality and creativity to the world. Defend graduates of Nigeria.

When you exhaust your camp stay, leave to your PPA and carry out your responsibilities properly. Don’t join the “This NYSC is nonsense” crew. They’re irrelevant to themselves, that’s why they can’t influence NYSC. It’s possible – to rocket off from the scheme – opportunity.



Goodluck as you journey to greater strides in life.




For more enquiries email: or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
I’ll be glad to help!

– George Saint Chukz


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