Building Life Skills through a culture of Service.

HiringAs written by George Saint Chukz.

Building Life Skills through a culture of Service.

In a global village world of today where cultures, norms and values, traditions and the perceptibility, and psychosocial activities vary but interrelate, it is imperative in all senses for one to unequivocally cultivate and at all times live by the life skills obtainable in man’s audacious existence and relationships on earth with others. These life skills which can be achieved through a nurtured culture of service to humanity would go a long way in ensuring greater sense of confidence, usefulness, sensibility, openness and also distinguish one in the society.

Base on the above premise statement, it is germane and pertinent to concisely shed light on life skills as imperative fuel of life’s odyssey, and service culture as the medium by which life skills are built.

Life skills and service culture.

According to Wikipedia, Life skills are those abilities for adaptive and positive behaviours which enable humans to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. These life skills vary due to the diversity of societal norms and community expectations, but “Delphi Method” proposes some apt life skills as; decision making skills, problem solving, creative thinking/lateral thinking, perspicacity, effective communication, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness/mindfulness, assertiveness, empathy, equanimity, stress/trauma/loss management, and resilience.
On the other hand, culture of service as in service culture according to “Neil Kokemuller” exits when one is motivated to take a customer-centric approach to regular duties and work activities.


Developing a service culture requires time and consistency on good deeds towards humanity – every time.

Act of service ensures you put the person you offer service first and the satisfaction prioritized. One step to service culture is identification of wants of people, as well as their needs. And these wants and needs are satisfied through the application of life skills; taking favourable decisions, constructive thinking and solving of people’s problems, etc.

Service to humanity ensures one takes others’ priorities as one’s and strive to achieve desired goals.

Through effective culture of service, ie, being a serviceman, life skills are applied and built to form habit and lifestyle.

Conclusively; life skills must be built to aid satisfactory service delivery.

The world today favours people that are eager and selfless in service delivery. Instances of; Bill Gate with Microsoft service, Dangote with conglomerated services, and Wale Adenuga with Networking services, to mention but few.

Be a serviceman; with passion and enthusiasm; and you are already skilled in life.

Selfless service! is key to a successful life. – George Saint Chukz.

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