You sef follow

You sef follow…. Read fresh from the literal kitchen.

“When you visit blogs and read the comments on matters about people’s mistakes and challenges, you pity those involved. Why not say nothing if you got nothing good to say because at the end, “you sef follow cause am.” – Kelvin Newman Ijeomah.

Time out with the Cardinal

There is a consequence for every rational and irrational attitude and action we exhibit – positive or negative. We must reap the fruits of the good and/or bad seeds we sow and the interesting part is that, whatever we do come back to us multiplied. Ecclesiates 11:1 says, ‘Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again’ – by then it must have soaked enough water. 

Have you ever thought about this; why do we have so many babymamas and babypapas to the extent that we now celebrate it as a norm?

Who marriage don epp?” was the answer a celebrity babypapa gave when asked why he wasn’t married. How many young couples can answer the question?

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