Nobody is Ugly; By George Saint Chukz.

As written by George Saint Chukz. Based on the soundtrack “Nobody Ugly” by P Square.

“Imana imara mma eeehhhhh! Nobody ugly ooo! O kwa ego n’akpari mmadu, o kwanu ka odi ooo!” (You are beautiful, nobody is ugly, just poverty that insults human, that’s the case).

That is the awesome chorus of lyrical value made of Igbo line from P-Square’s latest creative and inspirational advisory soundtrack – “Nobody Ugly” which aptly captures the fake and pose life in exhibition by this generation of social media freaks, or should they be tagged “inferiorized fellows” who are electronic-beauty/handsome goddesses and gods but in reality are mere cheap thrills.

Inasmuch as this fake life is an attribute of both sexes, the central beamer of the P-Square’s effect perspectively highlights the ladies’ world of social media display of “app-help” beauties in return of  huge social media followership and fanship gains.

Trust me, in the internet world it’s another world of its own where anything in the name of fashion goes; be it hokum, asininity, or pooh pooh displayed, it sells, so far as it is well captured and app-beautified. It’s trend the no-job fellows want to hook to.

While these hypnotized followers trip, “FOLLOW” and “LIKE” buttons are clicked and celebrity life is activated, the rest are histories. That’s what the social media world majorly portrays nowadays – fake and illusive worship for “app-ed celebrities”.

WHAT’S GONE WRONG? What’s the actual reason(s) for this display of fake electronic life on social media?

For cheap financial or popularity goal?

From the standpoint of the track, Nobody Ugly, from the Nigerian duo, it’s obvious this incoherent quest has trace to inferiority complex and the extreme desire to belong to the class of those way higher than the fakers – to belong among the rich kids and slay queens of the society.

Fake electronic beauty brings no Gold, just utopian popularity. Creativity brings Gold.
Nobody is Ugly, the P Square effect

I met a lady in Camp during the service year and became bought-off the way she posed to every high assets and valuable stuffs around. I quested cunningly why and was puzzled when she showed me her Instagram account with over 20k followers who are at mercy of her fake display of luxury and app-beauty. I quickly traced her account and glanced through her unloads and updates, lo and behold, she’s stocked of sham. Her tanned and spotty face appeared so angelic and fair on social media, and little startle why one of her bootlickers commented eulogistically about her beauty, which kept me wondering, “isn’t the so called beautiful Bae the one I’m working with here, with dotted face, like the artwork of the Zulu people?” I literally died. I’m alive anyways.

Another reason for this display of falsity is related to low self-esteem and the pressure to look more than the actual look. Today’s world just prefer gold and diamond without forensics on the heating ordeal, and as such are fed with awash lives of fallacies and utopia online in the name of fashion and crave for huge followership. What definition true beauty gets today has derailed from the beauty we learnt from the ancestral encyclopedias. Beauty of today has boobs, hips, curves, Brazilian hair, bootilicious, etc, as its characteristic features, and this is gradually growing petrification in many marrows. These features in focus, you can never expect a young lady growing under this mindset to study and develop her innate beauties in the sense of her intelligence and natural capabilities that happen to be her real beauty. We should always look beautiful, but that should do nothing to our natural self and sensibility of appearance.
Being beautiful portrays being smart, intelligent, sophisticated and of course being just simple and sensible to social trends. Not abuse of apps built to give what the developers think you want, and never what you really need.

There are some ladies on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with fan base more than that of Dangote, but then ask me the relevance – just mere admiration and counter offers for social association in relation to that of the “oldest profession”. You know what I mean!

Based on logistics, lolz, the real display on social media should be nothing less than intelligence and natural artistic creativity, but it is glaring what’s obtainable today – sheer artificiality and worthless counterfeit exhibition. That alone scares away potential heads to social media addictiveness. Because, no sane person trails what’s incoherent and artificially fake. Besides, no sane person should have more time online than the reality. Even Content managers log in as and when due for purposeful venture online.

This piece of tender loving care may not really strike out the addiction off the addicted social media freaks to rejuvenation of their appalling orientation towards effective use of beautifying social apps, but it would surely strike one target; the novice in the game of social fake lives. It would deter them from admiring illogicality of being black in complexion and being white or yellow on social media (being a so called “Slay Queen”) to living a socially responsible and sensitive lives, that is; when it comes to abuse of these available electronic apps/devices.

One quick one; it’s very clear that those admirers of fake display do not really care, they only return the fake favour. Of course, fake can never attract originality. Their compliments are as well fake. Yes!

The main quest online should be to learn some germane intellectual happenings and connect to a purposeful sane audience.

Trailing sensible world events and studying works of academic importance should go a long way in equipping one in gaining more financial grounds, than mere social media beauty hype and fake display of beauty.
Some business ventures inculcate values through all these platforms, and can only be identified when one’s mind is attracted to such pursuits. Remember Laws of attraction? That’s how it works.

Social media fake thrills only give one-sided gain – online fame. But in reality one is inferior and cheap. That activates quest to engage in dirty trails for quick financial strides at all means – drugs abuse, oldest profession, human trafficking, and the likes.

Remember; nobody is ugly, you just need financial prosperity, not app-helped beauty.

Think about that!

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Love You!


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