Happy Birthday George Saint Chukz (The Making of the Saint).


To Celebrate more than two decades happily on today’s earth is a feat which might glare normality or appear usual. But trust me; it’s not! Life itself is not Roses’ bed. And so, when you celebrate it, it means you’ve had a fair share of life’s ups and downs. And the latter being minimally the case.

As usual as celebrating more than two decades of life’s journey on earth may appear to the person and/or group of persons that have achieved the feat, it’s also as tasky as it portrays itself to those the luck of living more than a decade had left or betrayed (failing to maximise two decades). So therefore, to spend more than a decade in the cosmos is worth an ecstatic hysterical moment of fun. Celebrate it.

Howbeit,  it would be sickening to forsake my pen on this special day, having scaled through some hard times, having crossed the finished lines of challenging strides, and succeeding where others relapsed and threw in the towel.

It’s been quite good, bad, and ugly so far. But the former amongst them has been more frequent, perhaps, owing to the fact that the creator of the universe has been the pillar and building’s solid foundation. Thank God.

Reflectively, one would say, ‘life has thought me a thing or two for posterity”.

Yes… Life has… So bountifully… So captivating and impacting. I’ve trailed the positive sides, admist all circumstances.

Having seen “the seen”  and the “unseen”, it becomes a handed-baton to share some of the most impacting of them all.


Lessons they say aren’t taught in a day.

Every day is another day full of audacious experience. Make it count.

1*  I’ve learned that Life is not that short if lived under the principles of the creator of life.

2* Everyday of life comes with its blessings, not disrespecting its low points. It’s always Try hard, play hard.

3* In life one thing is sure; Sycophancy; people pretending they care. Be careful.

4* Giving should be an attitude not and altitude. Give because you love giving, not for supremacy.

5* Tears is not a sign of defeat, it is a sign of being human. Use yours sensibly.

6* Everybody is important, but giving each and everyone of them priority matters. Know who’s worth inside and who’s worth around.

7* Talking of Gossip; it is the most ludicrous thing to imagine accepting. But handling it as a factor for moulding your life isn’t ridiculous at all.

8* Talking about Love; We must all love, but love is not what you just install like an Application, it’s what you develop like an Application and install there after. Know the difference.

9* People must hate you for what they preconceived you have done wrong. And they did not hear you out. Live your life as if such people are vapour.

10* There is no imprisonment more deadly than being isolated all day without a course. Reading and studying is a course.

11* Your life secret is your personal treasure. Don’t share it with anybody. For; “No” mouth is meant to remain shut.

12* Don’t always fight life. Take the battle like puzzle; complete a task, unto the next one.

13* Desperation is a killer disease, take it slow. What’s meant for you will surely come to you, if you surely deserve it.

14* The only shortcut to success is Due Process.

15* Education is worthwhile if you make it an investment (involving risk), and worth investing in. No doubts, education shows you what others know, and grants you access to lead others. It’s worth investing your last penny.

16* Concerning your family; it’s not impossible that there must surely come a time when “two views” (yours and theirs) conflict. However that maybe (you have the best or they do), never superimpose your “Best” view on your family. It’s either you constructively do that or you technically buy your way into their heart. Peace is priceless.

17* Never “make it or break it” with your family. They have the Best love you require to aspire. Family is family. Friends are friends. Blood remains thicker than water. Family is Blood.

18* Concerning your belief; it’s what you thought best for “your life” and never “our lives” that is belief. Believe in what grows your life and spirit. Never follow crowd. The person crowd follow gradually created the crowd.  Create your own crowd.

19* God!

God exist, if you believe. He doesn’t, if you disbelieve. For George Saint Chukz, the former is sure. The latter is utopia.

20* Constructive Politics is a life you must live if you desire CHANGE. #ChangeBeginsWithMe and You!

Special Thanks 

I heartily express profound gratitude to all families, friends and well-wishers, whom names I may consider too precious to state here. I owe you extreme admiration and love.

To Mr and Mrs George Kanu and family; The foundation you laid has built mansions of limitless strides.

To the GFs; your rewards are wonderfully descending from heaven. (winks).

To the pals; you made me stronger. Thank you  all.

To Almighty; Your words are manifestation. Thank You Lord.

Happy Birthday George Saint Chukz  


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